Socialogue is a Social NFT Marketplace with integration into Metaverse. Socialogue is a revolutionary platform, combining the booming markets - NFT, social media, and Metaverse, which are quickly evolving and changing. As a result, numerous issues and untapped opportunities unfold. Socialogue addresses them with its functionalities and customer-centric attitude.
The team used leading technologies, programming languages, integrations, and methodologies to develop a well-rounded and perfectly operating platform. Primarily built on Ethereum, Socialogue offers Layer 2 and, as an addition, applies multi-chain integration, allowing its users to create, sell, and trade NFTs and choose from a variety of blockchains.
Socialogue's Metaverse separates the platform from the rest. By niching down to art galleries, Socialogue is tapping yet another huge market. Socialogue is on the verge of becoming a one-stop solution for virtual art and charity exhibitions, auctions, conferences, and musical and motivational events. The key point - integration of blockchain into Metaverse allows Socialogue's users to display, sell, and buy digital art and NFTs without leaving the Metaverse.
Socialogue, as an actual Web 3.0 project, creates an opportunity to monetize the time spent on the platform. To implement that and all the functionalities of Socialogue, a $SLG utility token is necessary, which can be acquired by all users. The token can be used on Socialogue's platform, Marketplace, and Metaverse. $SLG token comes with plenty of use cases and benefits to Socialogue's users and token holders.
Socialogue has already achieved significant accomplishments, but the team does not stop there. With future prospects such as the development of Socialogue's NFT launchpad, implementation of turning Logues - posts on Socialogue - into NFTs, and new collaborations in the works, Socialogue continues to evolve.
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